Welcome to Sweet Dreams Bakery
Sweet Dreams Bakery is Portland’s Destination for Creative Confectionery Delights.
We use the freshest ingredients available to delight your pallet with explosions of sweet and creamy delights. Whether you’re ready to take a walk on the the wild side and enjoy our Sinful Vixen Chocolate Cake with chocolate butter cream frosting topped with chocolate shavings(it brings out the devil in you!), or our heavenly Holy Almond Rocha! Chocolate Cake with chocolate butter cream swirled with cream cheese frosting topped with Almond Rocha pieces (It’s like heaven in your mouth). We’re sure you will be intoxicated by the delicious flavors we have in our flavorful repertoire.

About Sweet Dreams…

Sweet Dreams Bakery started out exactly how it sounds, it was my sweet dream.  Baking has always been a passion of mine and I believe that great things are born from passion.  I spent many nights waking up thinking of flavor combinations and many moments stopping mid sentence as a new flavor idea popped in my head.  We find inspiration in the smallest and most unconventional ways and I can say that many have inspired me to stop dreaming and start baking! So, here we are today.  I can promise you I use only the best of ingredients, after all the strongest foundation produces the best results.  My products are made fresh and full of care and most of all, filled with heart.

“We find inspiration in the smallest and most unconventional ways”

So Take a moment and browse the most tantalizing concoctions you’ve ever seen in one of our Galleries. Our Grandiose Cupcakes, or our made to order specialty Cakes.

“All cupcake flavors can be converted into cake flavors”

“All creations are 100% custom made, let us know if you would like a flavor you don’t see on our menu”